is a free of charge website that allows you to browse and use different coupons and offers that make your shopping experience lighter on your pocket. Along with making your shopping experience exciting, we also hold an obligation towards the privacy of our users and it would be safe to say that user's privacy is our foremost concern.

It is also your right as a user to know everything related to it and therefore we are happy to share how stores, uses and processes your information on website.

By reading this privacy policy and by using website, you consent to all the practices as stated below and you allow us to store, use and process your information as mentioned in this policy.

What type of information we collect.

1. Personal Information.

We collect your personal information such as name, address, telephone number and/or email address.

2. Automated Information.

All websites use “cookies” When you visit website, some information is automatically collected such as:

  • Your device’s information through identifiers of your device.
  • Your browser name, browser version, browsing actions and patterns.
  • Your IP address including your location associated with the IP address and logging history.
  • Your browsing data including device log files, configurations, Wi-Fi credentials.
  • Content of reviews and e-mails to us;
  • Your operating system including operating system’s name and its version.
  • your language preferences
  • The URLs that referred you to website.
  • Information on actions taken by you on
  • Dates and times of your visits to our website
  • The pages you accessed on website.
  • The page you left website on.
  • Previously visited website.

Ways in which information is collected.

1. Personal Information.

You give us your personal information when you,

  • Sign up for our newsletter,
    sign up for any coupons/offer updates.
  • Participate in website’s promotion and/or contests.
  • Complete a survey, questionnaire and/or participate in any poll.
  • Provide documented information to us in case of misprocessing of your coupons/offers/promotion.
  • Communicate with us via call, e-mail, chat, or otherwise.

2. Automated Information.

Your information is also collected when you,

  • Search for any specific product or service on website;
  • Click on any link, product or service on website;
  • Redeem, view or use an offer or service through website;
  • Configure your settings on, provide data access permissions for, or interact with a service;
  • Set notifications or alerts for specific products/services of

How your information is used.

Your personal information is used for flawless transactions for which the information is shared, which includes coupon/offer processing, communicating and/or completion of tasks. Automated information is mainly used for the purpose of operating, developing and improving website, its services to you and your experience.

Your information helps us to,

  • Improve, customize, and develop the functional and technical aspects of website.
  • Make a user friendly website that immediately works to provide what you are looking for.
  • Provide you with targeted search results.
  • Create accurate data for site’s data analysis, troubleshooting, research, market surveys and functional testing.
  • Successfully process coupon codes and promotional offers.
  • Bring data upon redemption of coupons/offers from Business Partners.
  • Send promotional offers, updates and newsletters to you about new and existing coupons/offers available on website.
  • Customize the content, advertisement and service based on user history and user preferences.
  • Fix errors, malfunctions and page breakage that cause hindrance in user’s experience.
  • Analyze traffic performance, improve user usability and improve overall performance of website.
  • Communicate via call, email or message if/when necessary.
  • Comply with legal obligations if/when needed by the state law.

Where we stand on “Cookies” and other identifiers.

Like every other website, also uses cookies and other identifiers which enables our systems to recognize your device, operating system and your browser. This is required for smooth, effective and user-friendly website experience.

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically and there is a 50% chance that your web browser automatically accepts cookies too. If you are not comfortable with that idea and wish not to have cookies on your system you can always go to your browser settings and refuse automatic cookie acceptance.

As mentioned above, Cookies and identifiers helps in giving you a better website experience, choosing not to accept cookies and identifiers may cause hindrance to site usability. It may also cause some/all site areas unavailable or difficult to use.

Some of our emails, newsletters and offers contain “click-through URL” linked to content on our Sites. Clicking on these types of URLs will take you through our web server before arriving at the destination of the said link. This click-through is tracked in order to monitor which topics are making an interest on our users, further helping us to analyze, create and respond with content that users prefer.

If you wish not to be tracked in this manner, the easiest way out is not to click the links mentioned in our emails which also includes graphic images that are backed up with links.

Third parties that are approved by may also collect information from website through use of cookies, third party plug-ins and widgets. This is done to provide you with tailor-made content, advertisement and offers based on your preferences.

What options you have to control your privacy.

At any time, if you feel you are not comfortable with our policy or any part of the policy, you can contact and we will be happy to comply with you wherever feasible.

Apart from that, here are a few things that you can control regarding your information. You can

  • Modify/delete certain information at any time if you are at a risk of breach of information.
  • Choose not to receive emails, newsletters or communication, thereby not giving any information.
  • Change your device’s notification settings to not receive notifications from website.
  • Change your browser’s Advertising Preferences to not receive interest-based ads.
  • Use an ad-blocker to block the use of personal information through advertisement.
  • Request a complete deletion of your information from website server which will also restrict your use of website in the future unless you accept our terms and conditions of use once again.

Understanding shared information and security.

At we understand that we have a responsibility towards our user’s privacy and therefore we never share or sell user’s information to vendors or other businesses.

Your information is shared to individuals/companies that aid us in our business which includes creating, operating and maintaining every aspect of website. Such as,

  • A third party that manages database of user information.
  • A third party that handles newsletter services.
  • A third party that creates surveys, polls, questionnaires and/ promotional offers.
  • A third party that assists in business marketing, generating advertisements and maintaining current products.
  • A third party that provides protection against frauds, malwares and other business damaging practices.
  • A third party that handles user targeted advertisements based on data acquired from user’s browsing history. is a growing venture which means at any time it has the rights to purchase or sale business during which user’s information is also transferrable.

We are also obliged by the law to provide information when legally necessary.

Unless otherwise stated, in case your information is to be shared to a third part, will send you a notification so that you have the right to allow or deny the information sharing.

User’s information is a matter of serious concern and we take full responsibility of this understanding, which is why we,

  • Tune our systems periodically.
  • Use encrypted protocols and high end working software.
  • Keep a close check on our servers and any possible breach.
  • Use special electronic and procedural safeguards to keep our systems fully secure.
  • Undergo security procedures at the time of login and registrations.
  • Confirm your identity during information sharing.

A further note of understanding.

This policy applies to all products, services and usage of website, including all the information we have about you.

As a user of website, you completely understand and acknowledge all the above mentioned matters related to your information. You also understand and acknowledge all our rights over your information, how we store them and how we use them. By using website and/or participating in any activities of, you agree with our privacy policy, its terms and its working. Any disputes pertaining to privacy can and will be subjected to the terms and conditions mentioned in privacy policy.

Being a part of a growing venture which is always busy in updating and improving our business, we also constantly make changes to our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and FTC Disclosure. By using website, you agree to all of them.

Rest assured, Our user’s interest will always be our top priority and we will always be protective of it even during any changes made in our policies, practices and notice. believes in creating an ambiance that is surrounded by trust, reliability and honesty, therefore it will take every measure possible to live up to the promise made to its users regarding their privacy.

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